5 Popular Pool Remodeling Ideas You Can Use

Is it Time to Remodel Your Pool?

If you are ready to remodel your swimming pool, you will first have to look at several different ideas. You never know what will come to mind. You may see a design that looks appealing, and this will help you create one that you believe will be the best suited for the swimming pool that you currently are using. Remodeling projects can take several weeks to complete. They are going to have to drain the pool, do excavation work, and gradually put everything back together. It can be a very expensive project, and because of that, you need to be very short of the design that you would prefer having. Here are five popular pool remodeling ideas that you may want to consider that can help you create the best new swimming pool for your backyard.

Oval Swimming Pools

In most cases, when you install the swimming, it is going to be rectangular in shape. Although some of them might be round, such as an aboveground pool, most of the ones that are set into the ground are going to have a rectangular or square like shape. Instead of going with this standard shape, you can go with an oval. It will be much more elegant, especially if you have the room. This is going to require the person that will remodel your pool to excavate a large area of ground on either side of the swimming pool that you have, and make the other and much more narrow. Once this is done, they will then be able to connect everything together. This is going to really improve the way that your swimming pool is perceived, especially if you are thinking about selling your home.

Dual Swimming Pools

Instead of disrupting the shape of your existing pool, you can expand this by adding a new one on one side. In most cases, the addition will be lengthwise. It will connect through a somewhat narrow opening. This is a much easier upgrade to do. They will have to come into excavate another whole for a swimming pool. This can be any size that you want. As long as you have the room, you can choose something that will be square, angular, or even circular. The connecting point is really the only part that is going to affect the structure of your existing swimming pool, making this a much easier project to complete.

Heart-Shaped Swimming Pools

In the same way that you would have to excavate the ground to make an oval swimming pool, you might want to try something that is heart-shaped. This is going to create a very unique curvature, one that could actually lead to an area where a hot tub will be, or even a kiddie pool, on one side. The reason that heart-shaped pools are popular is because they are ergonomic, creating a very pleasant appearance. If you have the room to do so, you may even want to consider changing your existing swimming pool to be one side of the heart, and excavating and installing the rest. Visit http://rspoolpatrol.com/pool-resurfacing-tampa/ for some cool ideas.

Tiered Swimming Pools

Similar to having an additional connected swimming pool, this is going to be a swimming pool that will be lower than the one you have right now. You can actually design this so that there is a waterfall that will extend into the new swimming pool. This will make it look very exotic. It is recommended that you use an irregular shape, one that will allow you to plant trees or foliage, allowing it to look more natural by design. These can be one of the most elegant swimming pools that you will ever create. The lower portion can either be larger or smaller. Again, you are not going to disrupt very much of the existing swimming pool. You only need to modify the side that is closest to the new one. You may even want to consider adding a hot tub to the lower one and the upper one as well.

Rectilinear Swimming Pools

This is simply a fancy name for a swimming pool that is going to have right angles. If you already have a rectangular swimming pool, what you will be doing is adding additional swimming pools to the surrounding area. These can be interconnected, or they might even be separate, possibly separated by a hot tub. There could be a waterfall in between them, as in the previous example. However, everything is going to be either a square or a rectangle. This is perfect for people that have a backyard area where the fence line is also at right angles. If you have the space to do so, you may want to put additional swimming pools at all four corners, and connect all of this together.

Other Pool Remodeling Ideas

There are several other remodeling ideas that you may want to consider. One of the most extensive would be to remove the entire swimming pool that you have right now. Instead of trying to accommodate that particular pool, by removing it entirely, and digging out a completely different pattern, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your remodeling project is going to work. Of course, this is going to be very inexpensive by comparison. You are not just paying for another swimming pool, or the expansion of one. You are literally removing the one that you have, and creating something new. However, this is probably the best choice to make if you are interested in creating the exact ideas that you see in your mind. Once the old one is out, they can begin to create the one that you and this company have designed.

These are just a few of the top pool remodeling ideas that you can use. You can either add on to your existing pool in a unique way, or you can remove it completely and start from scratch. In some cases, removing your existing swimming pool might be the best idea. It is sometimes hard to incorporate a new swimming pool and simply connected with the one that you have. It might be cheaper, but you will always be better off creating the exact shape that you want in the ground, and install a brand-new swimming pool that is exactly as you see in your mind.