Social Security Card Replacement For Your Child

Has your child’s social security card been misplaced or stolen? Well, you need to replace it immediately. Don’t fret because you can have it done within 14 business days.

Here’s what you need to do to replace your child’s social security card immediately.

• Application

Visit and print an application form for replacing the lost or misplaced social security card. Here, you will get a complete review of the documents you should provide. Make sure all the documents are original and valid for the best results.

• Documents Required

To replace the obtain social security card online, you need to provide documents that prove your child’s identity. Keep in mind that a birth certificate is not enough proof of your child’s identity. That’s why you need to bring a US driver’s license, a state identification card or a valid US passport.

• Additional Documents

If your child doesn’t have any of the documents mentioned above, there are additional documents to provide that prove his/her identity. Make sure the additional documents provide the child’s date of birth, his/her current age and the names of the parents as well as a current photograph of the child. Some of the required additional documents include an adoption decree, a clinic, doctor or hospital record, school/daycare center record, religious record or a school ID card.

• Parents’ Documents

As the parent or guardian to the child, you need to prove your identity. You need to provide an original document with your name, current photograph and any other identifying information. You can prove your identity with your US driving license, US passport or a state issued non-driver’s ID card.

• Proof Of Citizenship

You need to provide documents showing proof of the child’s citizenship, especially if they are not in the official records. Here you need to provide the child’s birth certificate, a religious record of the child before turning 5 years of age, a US passport or a hospital birth record in the US, certificate of naturalization, US birth consular report and a certificate of citizenship.

Note that, you’re limited to replacing a social security card 3 times every year and a total of 10 times during your entire life. However, there are other exceptions to these limitations such as in the event of a legal name change. For instance, you are not governed by the limitations if you need to replace a social security card to prevent a specific hardship. It’s prudent to keep the card in a safe place and to avoid misplacing it you should not carry it around unless when needed.

The replacement card will have the same number as the old one. Therefore, you don’t to replace it if you know the number. Keep in mind that your child needs a social security card to collect the benefits and receive government services. Make sure you have the valid and original documents to prevent any delays with processing of the replacement card. Keep in mind that when your child gets gainful employment, the social security number is required.