What Are The Different Types Of Refrigerant Used In Refrigerators?

When you have problems with your refrigerator, and the repair person tells you that it is the coolant, you might wonder what this material actually is. Over the years, people have heard terms like Freon, but regulation changes to help the environment have necessitated modifications. Different chemicals have been produce that are much easier to use. They are also much more energy efficient. Let’s look at the most common types of refrigerants that are used in refrigerators, and why you might want to consider changing the coolant that you are currently using.

What Does A Refrigerator Coolant Actually Do?

It is a material that was specifically designed to make it possible to blow cold air into specific areas. It is able to help produce cold air that is blown out of these refrigeration devices. Without it, they would simply not work. Over the years, many different kinds have been produced. One of the most popular was Freon up until a few years ago. It was the result of certain studies that were done that determine there must be a better alternative. That is why scientists decided to create the one that is used today.

What Is The Most Common Type Of Refrigerant Used In Refrigerators?

The most common type of refrigerant that is used is called HFC-134a. This is going to be found in almost all modern refrigerators. It has a technical name which is Tetrafluoroethane, and it was specifically designed in order to prevent any damage to the ozone layer. Scientific studies have been monitoring the ozone layer for decades. There was a point where they notice that a large portion of Antarctica was completely void of ozone. This is the substance in the atmosphere which presents cosmic rays from causing skin damage, and the larger the hole got, the more concerned they became. With billions of people on the planet that are using these refrigeration devices, it was causing quite a bit of harm. Savvy scientists were able to design this new coolant, and the ozone layer has since become much better.

Will This Ever Need To Be Changed?

Even though this is currently the best solution for helping the ozone layer, and also improving the amount of money that you are paying every month for your refrigeration units, there are likely to be other materials that will be produced. People all around the world are switching over to this new coolant which has dramatically helped in so many areas. Read about The Basics Of Refrigeration Systems .

If you currently have an older refrigerator, it is likely that you have an old version of the coolants that were once produced. To prevent any damage to the ozone layer, and also to improve how much money it is costing you to run your refrigerator, you should consider having this replaced as soon as possible. The sooner that you are able to do this, the more compliant your refrigerator will be with local laws that necessitate the use of HFC-134a. Even though we do not believe that we individually have a large impact on the environment, science is shown us that this is the best type of coolant to use in the world today. Check out our website http://www.bluonenergy.com/r22-alternative/ .