What Is The Best R22 Replacement Available Today?

R22 has been one of the most prominent types of coolants that is used in major appliances designed to keep things cool. For example, when you have a refrigerator or freezer, this coolant, which is also called Freon, was used for decades. Studies that came out years ago determine that the chemical makeup of this coolant, which is a chlorofluorocarbon, had a significant flaw. It was the addition of chlorine, a gas that would begin to deplete the ozone layer, by breaking the ozone down. This was not foreseen in the past, but as the scientific data was processed, changes needed to be made. There are gases that can replace R22.

How Have They Resolve This Problem?

This problem has been resolved to some degree by simply removing R22 from the manufacturing process of appliances designed to keep things cool. It is also not used in air conditioning units. As a result of this, the ozone layer has come back significantly in the last few years. They resolve the problem by replacing it with a different type of gas called R-134a, a hydrofluorocarbon. Instead of using chlorine, they have replaced this with hydrogen gas, and it can still act as a very successful coolant.

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When Will R22 Be Eliminated Completely?

It has been determined that by the year 2020 this gas will no longer be produced for the express purpose of using it for a coolant in appliances and air-conditioners as it has been for decades. Once they realized that this gas was dangerous for the environment, and also the people on the planet, they decided to make this positive step. Although the giant hole in the ozone layer was primarily over Antarctica, it was believed that it would continue to grow, expanding to populated areas. This is why it was replaced, and due to this change, it has caused the hole to begin to close up.

How Long Will It Take To Completely Fix The Problem?

Although it is not known when the ozone layer will be completely restored, it is on its way to becoming much better. Science has shown that satellite views of the ozone layer show that the large hole is much smaller. It may take several more decades to reverse the damage of the last 30 or more years. Until that time, it is good to see that it is slowly becoming much smaller, and is not moving outward toward populated areas.

This problem was identified early enough to prevent the ozone hole from getting bigger. The replacement for R22, R-134a, is now used by most major companies today. Although Freon is still a gas that can be purchased, it is becoming much more expensive. The supply of this gas, and its demand for it, has caused the prices to become much higher. Once 2020 arrives, it is not something that will be available, at least in the United States. Fortunately, this problem is getting better because people are all cooperating.

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