Why Is Coconut Oil Used In Many Hair Products Like Detanglers?

If you have walked down the cosmetics aisle in any department store recently, you have probably noticed that many hair products now advertising the fact that they contain coconut oil. So, why are some many brands now adding the oil to their products? Well, basically it’s because the natural oil has lots of great properties. For starters, it is a great detangler. Those who have long hair or children with long hair will know how frustrating it can be trying to comb such hair without a good quality detangler spray. Coconut oil makes it so that brushes or combs slide through your hair like a hot knife through butter. What’s more, as it’s a natural product, it’s safe to use on children and pets, who may accidentally ingest some of the residues.

Look For Anti Fungal And Antiviral Properties

Coconut oil also has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties. This means it’s a great ingredient to include in hair masks designed to treat scalp infections or kill head lice. In fact, my parents use the oil on their children’s hair to reduce the chances of them catching head lice from other children at school. It can also be applied to the hair and scalp and left overnight to kill mites and eggs. Just wear a shower cap to protect your bedding. Often repeat treatments are needed to totally eradicate an infestation.

If you have frizzy or dry hair, coconut oil can help to tame your flyaway locks and reduce moisture loss during the day. Many people believe that it can protect the hair from sun damage and heat damage. It’s important not to apply too much to your hair, however, otherwise, you will make your locks very greasy and heavy.

Switch To Coconut Conditioner

Those that are trying to avoid silicone build up in their hair often switch to coconut conditioner. The smell is pleasant and the oil moisturizes dry ends without coating the hair with artificial waxy residues. You can buy both conventional hair conditioner and leave-in conditioner. People with naturally glossy locks might be able to skip the leave-in conditioner.

Different Repairing Hair Mask

There are many different repairing hair masks available these days, all promising to revitalize damaged locks. The best masks contain keratin and natural oils like coconut oil. Some of these masks are used as a pre-treatment before you shampoo your hair. Other masks need to be left on overnight to do their work.

Many people think that detangler sprays are only for human hair, but anyone with a long-haired cat or dog knows that pets also need detangling sprays. You will notice that like many products designed for human hair, pet hair care products also contain natural oils like coconut oil. The oil is non-toxic, so owners don’t have to worry about pets licking their fur after they have been brushed. Other common natural oils used in pet hair care products include tea tree oil. This oil has antimicrobial properties, so it is a perfect ingredient for pet shampoo. It can also be used to prevent fungal skin infections and to treat many nail problems. Find more information at https://www.threesquaressoil.com/best-hair-oil/